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Meet Wayne, Getting a Grip Programme Facilitator

Posted on April 12, 2019 by Iosis

Wayne Prince facilitated our ‘Getting a Grip on Communication’ programme for the past four years. This eight week programme teaches participants how to resolve conflicts peacefully, develop supportive relationships and communicate effectively with those around them – especially family and friends.

The programme covers a range of topics aimed at giving families useful tools for relationships and daily life. Participants learn and build up a range of skills over the programme, which they practice during the session and then at home and work before returning the next week.

Based on the principles of non-violent communication, in particular the work of Dr Marshall Rosenburg, a USA psychologist, the programme uses techniques for communicating effectively based on empathic or values-based communication. This teaches people to listen to those around them and communicate by ‘responding rather than reacting’.

The classes are a mix of men and women, and take place during the day and term time to help parents with childcare. Sessions are very practical, encouraging participants to learn a new way of communicating with others and offering opportunities to apply their new skills at home and work between sessions.

One of the techniques Wayne teaches is the self-empowerment technique, where participants take a deep breath before responding, connect with what they value and then communicate. “A great example is a man who recently attended and shared a weekend he had with his daughter,” explains Wayne. “He had become distracted with a neighbour in distress resulting in him yelling at his three-year-old daughter. He realised on reflection that this wasn’t values-based communication – she was more important to him than the neighbour but he hadn’t put her first. The following weekend he put her first and they had a wonderful weekend together.”

Wayne says that the programme provides a very supportive environment for participants to learn a different way – which starts with the participants starting to value themselves and realise that they matter.

“It’s wonderful to see people come back and do a refresher or encourage a partner to join the next class. The programme can truly change their family life. Recently one of our participants said she no longer yells at her kids to get them to do things: she now takes the time to explain to them why things need to be done in a particular way and what works and what doesn’t. This has been particularly helpful with her two eldest sons who were quite disruptive.

Another of our participants said that when someone gave him ‘the finger’ recently, rather than thump him, he went over and calmly had a word, then drove off in his car. It makes my day when I hear stories like that – to know that our programme really does transform family life.”

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